hopeful pessimist formerly @sjw_movies @plsleaveamsg 7h No one White allies Atheist Girl @iamAtheistGirl the way i have been treated by poc today makes me understand why some people have a problem good jobyou took a person without a racist bone in her bodv and gave her a reason to look at the flip side not too bright 639 PM 03 Mar 19 Twitter for iPhone 6 Likes vague-humanoid remiivoxerplemii02 deadg1rls this is pretty much all white people and the infractions that “caused them to see the logic to racism” is usually something like “a brown or black person wasn’t being especially polite to me” “You’re mean you deserve racism ” How does someone “without a racist bone in her body” decide an individual’s actions could possibly justify the treatment of a group? Meme

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