Hopeless - myuu - You Untitled presentation - Goo Call of Duty Reddit AhttpswwwredditcomrCallOfDuty BananaBattleBean reddit Q Search rCallOfDuty 1 Ooc rCallOfDuty 91k karma 800 JOINED Commente Award Save Hide Report Share CREATE POST Posted by uBananaBattleBean 4 hours ago COMMUNITY OPTIONS Humor It saddens me how many hackers there are in these games Like just get out dude let me enjoy the game COD 241 RCALLOFDUTY RULES Me *Playing some CoD WaW for nostalgia* 1 General Guidelines Me *About to win my first free for all match in the game* 2 Relevancy Guidelines 3 Frequency Guidelines The invincible wallhacking recoil scripting aimbotting 12 year old 4 Feedback Guidelines 5 Humor Guidelines JOINING ONGOING MATCH 6 Promotion Guidelines You will join a match that is already in progress 7 Support Guidelines 23 Com nts Save Hide Posted by uzombieboss13 16 hours ago 591 Image AW still crazy good ARX-160-Hole Puncher Professional httpwwwredditcomrCallOfDutycommentsc07ivlit_saddens_me_how_many_hackers_there_are_in_these X I have top post on hot on rCallofDuty I feel like Sir Epic 3rd Meme

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