HORUS Isis revived the dead Osiris long enough to have sex with him and -BORN OFA VIRGIN- conceive Horus Even loosely translated this is not a virgin conception 1 There is no reference to any stars during Horus's birth and he did not walk on water 1 HEALED THE SICK Horus the Child is associated with the healing of snakebites a RESTOREB-S16HF scorpion stings 2 During his battle with Set Horus lost one of his eyes but never died -DEAD-FeRH-BARS and thus never rose from the dead 3 MITHRA Mithra was born from a mountain or cave and his birthdate is unknown There is also no reference to a Star in the East in Mithraic literature4 Debatable The Mithra stories say that the god only had one or two disciples However there is a stone carving that illustrates Mithra HAD 12 DISCIPLES with 12 bystanders lookin on S slaying a bu CLES Mithra DID perform some miracles 4 There are no references in Mithraic texts about Mithra's death or resurrection He did however ascend to heaven after his battle with a divine bull 4 KRISHNA Krishna's mother had several other sons and daughters before him She was not a virgin 6 There is no mention of any such star in the Krishna story 7 Like most gods Krishna performed many miracles 8 PERFORMED MIRACTES Krishna was 8th of the god he was SONHeF 6eBo never referred to as a son of god 7 SONHOFA CARPENTER There are no sources suggesting that Krishna's father was a carpenter 9 RESURRECTED Krishna was killed when a hunter shot him in the foot with a poison arrow He did not resurrect 10 DIONYSUS is debatable Dionysus' mother was impregnated by Zeus using a BORN OF A VIRGIN ightning bolt though the stories do not mention her being a virgin 12 His birth was celebrated on January 6th 12 TRAVELING TEACHER He traveled and taught people to cultivate grapes and make wine 013 TURNED WATER Dionysus referred to wine as the water of summer but never turned water into wine 14 -EAttEe- HetY-EHlte- There is nowhere in Dionysus' story where he is referred to as a holy child' 14 ZEITGEIST 1 httpconspiraciesskepticprojectcomarticleszeitgeistpart-oneakrishna The Howie 2 httpguardiansnethawasshorushtm 3 httpwwwreshafimorgiladegyptreligionosirishtmahorus PROTIP 6 httpwwwpantheonorgarticleskkrishnahtml 7 http hinduism aboutcomodlordkrishnapkrishna birth 8 http lovekrishnacommiracles-of-lord-krishna-php 9 httpwwwkingdavid8com full articlephp?ida2b713025 6b97-11el-b1f8-842b2b162e97 10 httpwwwwebonauticscommythologyavataar krishna9html 11 httpwwwtheoicomText Diodorussiculus4Ahtml 3 This man is a comedian And this is just 14 httpkingdavid8com full articlephp?id S71312b2-666f-11el-aloeo-bb2583253082 not a historian flat-out bullshit It's never a good idea to get your theology from actors comedians or other celebrities Jesus Christ his birth teachings miracles willing sacrificial death and resurrection were unprecedented Meme

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