HOT CHOCOLATE Peppernit 1 CUP WHOLE MILK 12 CUP CHOCOLATE CHIPS 1 TSP PEPPERMINT 1 CUP 12 TBSP SUGAR 12 TBSP GRATED 2 02 DARK ORANGEZEST CHOCOLATE 4 1 CUP VANILΔ°A ALMOND MILK 1-12 TBSP 2 TSP COCONUT PALM SUGAR 1 CUP 5oz CHOPPED DARK CHOCOLATE 14 TSP CINNAMON TINY PINCH CAYENNE COCOA POW DER 1 CUP SKIM MILK 12 CUP HEAVY 4OZ MILK CHOCOLATE CHOPPED 14 CUP CREAMY 1 TSP 2TSP 1 CUP 1 TSP WHOLEMILK UNSWEETENED SYRUP PIE SPICE DARK COCOA ⑦ nutella NUTELLA 1 CUP WHOLE MILK 1 TBSP COCOA 3 TBSP CARAMEL SAUCE 2 TBSP PINCH SALT 12 CUP 5 OZ MILK CHOCOLATE CHOPPED 14CUP HEAVY ⑨ seauenden White 10 grish 2 OZ BAILEY'S IRISH CREAM 1 CUP 14TSP 12 CUP WHITE 1 CUP MILK 12 CUP CHOCOLATE CHIPS WHOLE MILK LAVENDER BUDS CHOCOLATE CHIPS TOP IT OFF cinnamon stickcanamel BROUGHT TO You BY sheknows witchylass witchoncampus foodffs The Ultimate Guide For Spiced Hot Chocolate Really nice recipes Every hour Show me what you cooked! Make it WitchyPeppermint - attract money confidence in speechOrange - joy warmth strengthVegan - compassionAztec - defense spiritual shield strengthen auraPeanut Butter - protect children comfortPumpkin Spice - romance friendship holiday spirit Nutella - happiness comfortCaramel - relieve stress beauty Lavender White - sleep soothing pleasant dreams Irish - luck imagination faith Turn three times clockwise as you repeat your desired result to activate ingredients πŸ€—β˜•β˜•β˜•β˜•πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ Meme

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