Hould you like to save your progress? YES GEORGE RR MARIIN She has had her blood She is old en khal llyrio told him not for the firt t her That silver-gold hair those purple ey the blood of old Valyria no doubt no d highborn daughter of the old king sistet t cannot fail to entrance our Drogo When he hand Daenerys found herself trembline 1 suppose her brother said doubtiully have queer tastes Boys horses sheep Best not suggest this to Khal Drogo Anger flashed in her brother's lilac cu me for a fool The magister bowed slightly I take Kings lack the caution of common men M have given offense He turned away an hands for his bearers The streets of Pentos were pitch-dark vi out in llyrio's elaborately carved palanqu vants went ahead to light their way carr lanterns with panes of pale blue glass wh strong men hoisted the poles to their sboul warm and close inside behind the curtains smell the stench of Illyrio's pallid flesh throu perfumes Her brother sprawled out on his pile never noticed His mind was away across the We won't nced his whole khalasar i ingers toyed with the hilt of his borrowed Dany knew he had never used a sword in thousand that would be enough I could swe Kingdoms with ten thousand Dothraki se realm will rise for its rightful king Tynl Darry Greyjoy they have no more love ir SIN knowing whuat anyone TOw sca but she mis mistrusted everyhing ing cagerly however SE my brother Rhacgar prq om pasudoad ou Magister lyrio said hile playing around his notice Nodding he off into the nigcht and ttle of the Trident once al Drogo sat beside the walls overgrown with thal by the magisters of ree Cities were always is not that we fear these in with a smile The walls against a million mise omes so cheap! at the gate the curtains he house guards He had cyes of a Dothraki but the spiked bronze cap of over coldly Magister - in the rough Dothraki in the same voice and yet why take her's hand was clenched rowed sword He looked kelt Insolent eunuch than 1 do The Dornishmen burn to aveng Viserys muttered as the palanquin lurched up toward the children And the smallfolk will be with as manse for their king He looked at Illyrio anxxicus Magister lllynio's words were honey Many important men will be at the feast tonight Such men have enemies The khel must protect his guests yourself chicf among They are your people and they k them Your Grace No doubt the Usurper would pay well Magister Illyrio said amiably In holdiase tealm men lift secret toasts to your health don't they! for your head Oh ves Viserys said darkly He has tried Ilytia I promise you that His hired knives follow us everywhere n gainst the srsfunny An Amazing Bookmark For Gamershttpsrsfunnytumblrcom Meme

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