HOW A PET MICROCHIP WORKS Veterinarians can implant these tiny devices in all kinds of pets- ncluding cats dogs birds and reptiles Each chip carries a unique number that is linked in an online database to the name and contact nformation of the pet's owner KEY PARTS IMPLANTATION ACTUAL SIZE A needle is used to 1 Microchip holds the unique ID number O 2 Tuning capacitor receives power from 2 inject the chip between a dog or cat's shoulder blades The procedure does not require anesthesia an external scanner and sends it to the microchip 3 Copper antenna coil then transmits microchips Site of implant information to scanner 4 Biocompatible glass capsule - nontoxic and 4 designed to prevent allergic reactions surrounds components REGISTRATION The pet and its owner are enrolled in a database eithe It is energized by the by mail or on the Internet Bu radio waves of hand- owners must keep their contact held scanners used by nformation up to date for the animal shelters and system to work properly DETECTION The chip has no battery veterinarians WHY TAKE THE RISK? GETYOUR PET MICROCHIPPED LOST Can your lost pet find it's way back home? A microchip will help make a difference! Microchips provide a record of identification for life Please microchip your pets! It is so easy affordable and permanent identification httpswwwhomeagaincommicrochipping-factshtml Meme

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