HOW ABOUT soft mallets 8 JUST DON'T PLAY infood Fun Story My drector kept teling me and m tenor sax buddy bo play softer No matter what my buddy Done play this time Just fake Our Band Director then nfoemed us we sounded perfect To my readers p means quiet pp means realy quiet Ive never seen On the contrast f means loud and ttir probably means so loud you go I had fl in a pece once and my conductor told me to play as oudly as physicaly possièle without faling off my char Me and my trombone buddes had and he sat next to me and played so hard that he tel out of tis The lengths we go for music Okay yeah so Eplay the bass claninet and he amount of air you have to move and the stiftness of the reed means only has two setings and that is loud and louder wth an optional LOUDEST th ncludes a 60% probatakty of HORRELE CROAKİNG NOISE which is the bass equivalent of the ubiqutous clarinet One day when Iwas n concert band in high school we got a new piece handed out for the frst time and there was a strange itte commotion back in the tuba section whisperning and peinsng at something in the music and swatting at each other's hands at shhh dont cal attendion toe And wthough they dd aract the atention of basicaly everyone else in the band they managed t avoid being noticed by the band drector who gave us a few minutes to look over our parts and then sad Al nght let's run through tup to sectionA And here we are cheerfuly playing along sounding reasonably competent-but everyone when they have the tention to spare is keeping an eye on the tuba players They dant come in for the first eight measures or so and then when they do come in what we see Istfled geging reeeeeealy deep breath ICOLOSSAL FOGHORN NOISE The entire band stops dead in the cacophonous kind of way that a band stops when hasnt actuary been cued to sap The band drector doesnt even say anything just looks straight back the tubas and makes a helpless sot of sby gesture h unison the luba players defend themselves THERE WERE FOURFS FFFF is not realy a rational dynamic marking for any instrument but for ithe love of al tha s holy why would you put in a fuba part This is the best band post Everyone else go home Oh man so I play brombone and we got this piece caled Florentiner Marsch by aus Fuck and we saw which is 8 fortes We were shocked u har is 24 fortes who the tuck des that This guy Take a good look-that is the moustache of a man with nothing to lose ulus IdontgvaFucik More ise Julus Fuckt ppp and fff Meme

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