How far can you push your yeast? the palste and of course a sampling of San Diego beer Boererdz themed blind tsting was created by native San Diegan Eric Barnias to promote San Diego's incredible craft beer scme The bind tastings are designed to appead to the beer nov ce in a non-intimidating social environment as well as challenge e beer connosmur f you'd liko more information on tmhe next San Diego themed tasting please visit wwwBeerNerdzcom For private or corporate event bookings e-mail Eric@beerrerdzcom home brew suppler located just steps within the Best Damn Beer Shop at Super Jt Market With everything you need to make beer in stock at this intest addition to the Best Damm family shop a variety of speciaity grains hops brewing books and more Between the adjoining bottle shop and brew sup- plies this is the Best Damn one-stop beer shop in downtown San Diego Mention West Coaster and receive 5% off all starter kits for the month of December expires 123111 Cceanside yMatt Stelger th Character east is arguably the most important element of beer Virtually any sugar is fer- mentable nd there are myriad bittering agent But there is no substinute for the magical creature that turns sugar into alcehol Is no surprise then that yeast is so expensive Hops and grain for a S-gallon batch com ahout $30 and a packet of fiquid yeast averages $8 The x Y grown produce grocery del and frozen foods from local comparies and a giant bulk section Barons Market prides ioeif on carying the best toor at the best prices in town They even have a pretty grest swine selection too if you're into that stuff with over 100 bottles available for under $5 Barons Market han four store locations in the San Diego area includinG Point Loma Rancho Bernardo Temecula and WildomarMurrietta For more information please visit www tjaronsmarketcom CLabed ille 20 Kart cm Marcoe 01 de BEER NERDZ scond ronstie 1306 hot sorings way 760 215 800 AT real crime i ye tly need more than one! Toteal the system some homebrewers mclad- ing this one have started yeast harvesting Yeast can be washed after fermentation or collected speaothrs GreenFlashBrewom 1430 vantage ct #104 760 597 9012 Yeast in various packages photo Mart Steiger Manzanita Brewing Company from the blow-off tube and pitched into anew batch But yeast that has been through a brew has aged a generation with propagation comes the possibility of mutation So the real question of washing isn't how but if and when How many generations of yeast can you reuse? As homebrewers we ask What do the pros do? Ballast Point Lead Brewer James Murray relies on strict quality controf We try to shoot for yeast that is a minimum of 90% viable and has a cell count close to I bilhon celsro We can gén- erally get close to 15 generations per strain of yeast This method clearly works for BP but doesn't offer much proctical advice to the homebrewer Smaller operations like Hess Brewing rely on knowing the patterns and behavior of their yeast CBO Mike Hes said 1 reuse until the fermentation characteristics start to deterionate a day longer to start or a few missed points of attenuation Usually the biggest litnit for me is storage time More than 2 woeks and I start getting the shakes Hess does have advice for cheapskate homebrewers Don'tuse old yeast If yot're worried about your yeast you should be Buy a new vial or source a uew viable pitch Heeven offers a solution himself T homebrewers want yeast we're happy o share from the botteth of our conex Just come on by with a clean sanitized container on yeast damping day contact me direetly for Royal Uquor 1496 n coast wy 101 760 753 4534 day Nights! RENTALS LONG TERM T-TO-OWN 99month Owcom Ready to pull the trigger and go pro? There's a turnkey brewery for sale in the craft beer capital of the US- San Diego county Located on Prospect Avenue in Santee the property includes a 4000 sq f production facility along with a 600 sq ft tasting room This is currently the site of Manza- nita Brewing Company who's moving down the street to a bigger focation suited for the growing demand of their beers Everything from clamps to the forklift is yours making this a hard-to-come- by opportunity See below for more details Brewhouse includes Custom-built 3 barrel direct-fire brewhouse controlled by Brewtroller electronics Mash Tun can handle 300 pounds of grain Cellar includes Ten 5-barrei conical fermenting tanks three 5-barel secondary tanks and one 7-barrel Bright tark All tanks are temperature controlled using the Brewtroller hardware with Fermtroller firmware with 5 ton glycol chiller Also included is a walkin cooler for storage and office space Originally two separate industrial suites that were combined everything is easily accessible via the loading dock and garage doors behind the industrial suite This brewery saw nearly 1100 barrels in 2011 and estimated maximum capacity is 1200 barrels per year It can be kept as a nano-brewery or go into full production with distribution and former dcupants Manzanita will assist in training and any questions Note the Manzanita name recipes or Enc LumberyardTavemandGrcom 967 s coast hwy 101 760 479 1857 North Park Scalldntiatnm ember 10th s& Her Fellas EncinifasAleHouse com 1044 a coast mwy 780 943 718O Cardif client list are not for sale 3176 No Call or visit Manzanita for more details The tentative move in date is 1312012 f you buy the property mention you saw it in West Coaster and receive three months of free advertising 16 page size Start brewing professionally in 2012! 9962 Prospect Avenue Suite E Santee CA 92107 • 619 334-1757 StadiumSarDiegocom 149 s el camino real 760 944 1065 -5953 pok! apthatkeg MagaraTruttuna n Shaton Tovem onm PizzaPortcom 135 n highway 101 858 4817332 TheodePraraLebeycom WhiteLabscom 7564 trade sf 858 6933441 ODef Hamfena Tovemcom 1524 30 f Atyior Clngn KarStrausscom 9675 scranton rd 858587BREW NorthSouth Park Lodge TorreyPinescom hotel 11480 n torrey pines rd 858 4534420 AUGUST 2013 SAN DIEGO TROUBADOUR AUGUST 2013 SAN COAMestaurantscommeru-reslauran 4282 esplanade court 858450 1400 parlor s parlor showcase com com Porters Pubnetlean 9500 Gilman Dr 858587 4828 RockBottomcom 8980 vila la jola dr 858 450 9277 PERSONSPLITAL KarlStrauss com 1044 wall st THE 858 551BREW 52 by Lindsay White photos by Robbie Turylor song about my job at the zoo and played it at a party for a bunch of coworkers It went over way better than I exrpected it to From that point on acoustichip-hopcomedy was my genre Deez lists early episodes of Saturday Night Live as a major comedic influence SNL was like a gate- way drug to stand-up comedy for me From Adam LaJollaBrewHousecom 7536 fay ave 8584566279 KarlStrausscom 5985 santa fe st 858273BREW Above all Deez's power- ful performance style is the bow that packages his music into a pleasant present rather than a gag gift Local songwriter and gui- tarist Kenny Eng Deez's best friend knows this first hand regularly shar- Jolla OBriensPunel 4848 convoy st 8587151745 In 1981 Sublime and the Wu-Tang Clan gave birth to Rob Deez on the set of Saturday Night Live You may wondet what the hell a sentence like t RandyJonesB8Qcom 7510 hazard center dr $215 819 2969600 274 SD TapRoomcom 1269 garnet ave 858 2741010 SanCiegorewng 10460 friars rd 819 284 2739 me t ace The Sprincies ARE FOR Cupcakes site pitch musi the m ing h this LiveWin 2103 el 61929 music Ran SD Has 950 ho 61929 ounce classic 5908 alcala 61984982 court bly a just lik enough ity he atage p endurin the lo a Sate ieve C NOT FOR TOILET SEATS BestDamnBoert 1036 7h ave 519212 8257 Eon t 7779M 319446000 Lckily Dees teceived the parental support he needed n transfom is quick wit into & maicat endeavor Td say ene of the thinga I value most about my upbringing is the freedom to make my own decisions and form my own opinions I wasn't ever forced to subscribe to a religion play an instrument or play sports I was given the freedom to do things that interested me Tm afraid that if I was forced to leam how to play an instrument I would've just grown to resent it and perhaps I wouldn't be participating in this interview now Empowered by the ability to choose his own path Deez also benefitted from a carte blanche approach toward music A baking soda and vinegar binnd of lyrical and musical influences resulted in the developimant of Rob Deez's volcanic performance style I remember liking Kris Kross Das Efx and NKOTB as a kid As I got older my taste in music T UDN Jees gns owntiog j Son of a b*tch likes to get pissed and miause food from Squath the Beef from Trademark Infringement My First CD endo meet Unlike a lot of musiclans he GCru- aly ikes what he does for a iving Since 2004 be has worked at Scripps Merey Hospital starting in an entry-level position and working his way up to endoscopy technician I was looking for a job and my former girlfriend's sister told me she could get me a job doing what she did I didn't know what it entailed I just knew that it was super close to where I üved it was at the hospital I was bom at and I'd get to wear scrubs 1 had to drive up to Temecula for the inter- view and the night beforehand I had lost my voice during a performance of The Wizard of Oz at the Saville Theatre on the City College campus I was the cowardly lion of course I got the job due to my kick-ass personality The job basically consisted of ordering and stocking supplies throughout the hospital Everything from ace bandages to urinals at Best John Hull& Isac Cheong Broni Kelea Little and Josh Damigo We all know each other's stulf so well it just toms into a giant mutical orgy WORKS JDn No genre boundaries mean rio style limita- tions resulting in mass appeal T can play the same show in fTent of many diferent crowds and walk away knowing the crowd dug it Everyone enjoys laughing I believe that that more than anything is why Im able to play for pretty much After doing that for two yuars a position opened up in endoscopy One of the nurses encouraged me to apply for it Once again I didn't know what it entailed but I kmew it paid more and had a better schedule Turns out I was gonna be cauterizing bleeding sites and taking biopsies-you know typ- ical hospital jargon Anyway they trained me on the job and now seven years later I'm telling you about it My day consists of setting rooms up interacting with patients doctors and nurses tak- ing biopsies cannulating bile ducts deploying stents extracting gallstones and fine needle aspi- rations during endascopic ultrasounds I love the job because it's close to home it pays well and it's rewarding Making a difference in people's lives and what not One of my favorite things about my job has got to be the look on an old person's face when you cover them up with a toasty warm blan- ket It's tike the greatest thing they've ever experi- enced You can see it in their eyes To the average observer the world of hospitals and scrubs and endoscopy departments doesn't exactly scream LOL And to the average musician daytime employment is often seen as an obligation to suffet throggh in order to make ends meet But Deez's observation skills are above average he manages to fertilize the most sterile of environments with his signature brand of funny His song Day Job exemplifies a natural ability to bridge the gap between fun and the mundane On a side note I just created a new an overnight backpackung trip through a slot canyon in Utah e few nights in Tosamite win ming in the Merced getting eaten alive by mos- quitos enjoying a thunderstorm while drinking red wine from a Nalgene bottle in the shadow of the most impressive Half Dome Il leave out the part about the beer the shortcut and the park ULTRAPURE SOLUTIONS In many tracks he simultaneously walks the line between comedy and hip hop embodying char- acteristics of the self-deprecating comedian anstage any crowd Deez's scene-hopping gives him a unique per- spective and ability to observe the cultire of vari- ous pockets of San Diego music I asked him to share his insights The hip hop scenẹ One of my favorite things about hip hop is the collaboration taking place Multiple lyricists on the same song each with a different style delivery and point of view Each song is like a musical buffet The singer-songwriter scene One thing I really like about the singer-songwriter scene is how sup- portive of each other everyone is Some of my best friends are other musicians I've met along the way I wouldn't trade my relationships with these people for anything in the world Okay maybe I'd trade if for a full rack of baby back ribs at Phil's BBQ but Waking up under the toilet bowl that's just how 1 roll No memory of the night before that's just how I roll My chest's scraped up and my shirt's got a hole that's just how I roll iew Tangers Whether onstage or in the wilderness Deez makes sure to sunound himself with good com- pany He reflects The friends that I've made in the music scene mean the world to me Some of Enough with the metaphors Born in an actu- hospital San Diego's Scripps Mercy to actual arents Gary Robert Lyons Robby for short was ised in North Park by Debra Louise Schmidt and ary Keith Lyons in a typical working class home My mom is a jack of all retal She's worked REL the San Diego Zoo the Padres most of e stores in the Misnion Valleg Mali and the ard Rock Cafe She currently works at the Omni ntel My dad is collecting retirement from both e US Navy and the state park system He's irmently making some extra spending money by aching a motorcycle safety course and by driv- ig a school bus 1 was afraid of ay dad growing p mostly because he enforced the rules and I an't able get swray with as much when he was ound But since ie was in the Mavy he warn't yound much But onne I moved out my dad and I ecame best friends It doesn't even feel like a atherson relationahip Ir fnelo like we're just a ouple of buds whợve known each other for a ong time We can taik about liberally anything gathet without fear of judgment t's pretty ool My mom works all the time Too much F'm and the über-confident rapper I own the microphone it's mine alone king on my throne Try to invade my zone Il break your dome so take it home MC's just b*tch and moan so I flip the pitch and switch the tone I'm original kids ain't no clone just me and hip hop here all alone How I Roll from Trademiark Infringement My First CD my best memories are things we've done togeth- er From climbing a fire escape in New York with Josh Damigo to exploring a mine shaft in Death Valley with Kenny Eng to driving through Vegra at 4 am and ariving in Zion National Park just in time to see the sunrise Good times I look for- ward to many more AXEC erpanded to incorparate Nirvana the Offspring Blink 182 Snoop Dogg Eminem Drum & Bass and pretty much everything from the '40s 50s and '60s I tarted taking lyrics a little more seriously when I started istening to Wu-Tang Clan that's also about the time I started rappingfree styling with friends in my garage Around this time I was also teaching myself guitar chords hy learning how to play Sublime songs Td say Wu-Tang and Sublime are my two biggest influences Settling on Deez as his rap surname Rob Dogg and Spitz were other options that never stuck he looked to the Wu-Tang Clan as inspiration for his lyrical prowess t wasn't until I started litening to Wa-Tang that my lyricism was kicked into high gear I was inspired by the clever word play metaphors and punch lines Dventually my thyming gained the approval of my friends in the garage And I can't wait for more stories Erom Rob Deez whether its eniconspies Or trips with butdfies He's got the akills to make fans piened He says he's hip hups np of tee I say he's folk muric's 5-Hour Energy Good deer good jokes good angs good timer Hip hap rhymes and sick punch lines ire Coront Brb Deer se the fime Thank God for Wu-ng end Sublime that's it The comedy scene I find the comedy scene to be the most entertaining but also the most cut throat It feels like there's a different comedy clique at each comedy venue and that branching out and performing at multiple venues is generally frowned upon Im not one to quote the Mighty Mighty Bosstones but that's the impression that I Deez incorporates the acoustic singer-song- writer sentiment to many of his tunes not just with the obvious employment of his acoustic guitar but with a subtle infusion of emotional longing and romance This underlying vulnerability is perfectly placed amidst his light-hearted jokes and quick-spit thymes adding a layer of depth while helping him dodge the dreaded cheesy-white-rapper label RSOCOM Meme

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