How folklore trolls are treated in Norway and Denmark Step right up tourists! Marvel at the horrible beast! Poke him with sticks if you like! Tease him with fire! Have fun! If you touch my tinyd you better have a troll good lawyer satwcomiccom Trolls are a spectacle in Norway Every souvenir shop has a wall dedicated to troll figurines and mugs and fridge magnets with trolls printed on them and areas with lots of tourists will often have a big troll statue or two but you won't find them anywhere else As Norwegians have told me over and over Trolls are mainly a tourist thing now In Denmark however you will only find Norwegian souvenir trolls in Danish souvenir shops If you want authentic Danish trolls you have to visit normal stores where they often sell troll figurines in the flower area or if you have extra money to spare you can visit the expensive designer stores where they sell this year's troll design and what not What I'm trying to say is surprisingly Danes are real snooty about their trolls I did not expect them to be more serious about trolls than Norway My site httpssatwcomiccom My Patreon httpswwwpatreoncomSatW Meme

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