Definition, Orange, and Pink: How I Studiy
 1. Read & Highlight key words (orange), sources (pink)
 and ideas (yellow) in 1 paragraph of info
 2. Type up these notes in dot point for on Word
 3. Add key words to vocabulary list with definition
 4.Repeat until topic is complete
 5. Hand write notes in an aesthetically pleasing and
 concise way (A3 summary, A4 summary)
 6. Put quotes or acronyms on flashcards
 7. Record reading the summary sheet (and longer typed
 notes if needed) and listen while on public 'ransport.
 8. Give someone your summaries and detailed notes to
 prompt you with headings for you to explain, and have
 them ask questions Repeat
If you are a student Follow @studentlifeproblems​

If you are a student Follow @studentlifeproblems​