HOW I WOULD BOOK BROCK LESNAR'S UNIVERSAL TITLE REIGN Before we start I want to mention that I am not a huge Lesnar fan and I also hate the idea of a major title being on a part-timer especially for a long period of time however for the purposes of this storyline I think it can work good I would have Lesnar hold on to the title until WrestleMania 34 After defeating Joe at Great Balls of Fire his opponents would be Reigns at Summer Slam Wyatt at Survivor Series and Rollins at The Royal Rumble Each competitor would come close to winning but ultimately Lesnar would be victorious in the end Around Royal Rumble time have it be announced a few weeks beforehand that Finn Balor has drawn the #1 spot Balor would then cut a heartfelt promo about how he doesn't care what number he has he will win the Royal Rumble and go on to reclaim the title he never lost at WrestleMania even if he has to tap into his dark side to do so hinting that we will see Demon Balor at the Rumble Balor as The Demon outlasts all the other superstars and wins the 2018 Royal Rumble Lesnar more than likely won't be at the February PPV so it will be clear that the main event of 'Mania will be Balor vs Lesnar for The Universal Championship This would leave plenty of time to build a solid feud over the next two months Balor will begin to claim that all of Lesnar's previous opponents have made the mistake of trying to overpower Brock whereas Balor will be outsmarting Lesnar instead Once 'Mania is two weeks away have a promo in the ring between Balor and Heyman Lesnar would not be there that week Heyman is giving us his usual gold on the mic when Balor interrupts him and says I will beat Brock Lesnar because I know what it takes I have to take out the one thing that keeps Brock together and that's you Paul Every thing Brock has accomplished in this business is because you were always standing there beside him Without you pulling his strings Paul Lesnar will fail Heyman could reply with Just what exactly are you saying Finn? Balor comes back with Well what I'm saying is and then Balor immediately cracks Heyman with the mic and goes ballistic Annihilates Heyman with a chair puts him through the announce table the whole nine yards The following week which would be the last Raw before Mania would feature Brock Lesnar destroying the arena and the backstage area looking for Balor Lesnar obviously upset over what happened to Heyman the week before The Last segment would be Lesnar in the ring calling out Balor Balor then appears on the big screen and announces that he'll be bringing the Demon to WrestleMania The main event at WrestleMania is Finn Balor as The Demon vs Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship Noticeable by his absence is Paul Heyman who is still at home recovering from his injuries he suffered at the hands of Finn Balor The match starts and it's similar to his last few matches with Reigns Rollins and Wyatt where both guys are getting good offense in but after a while it seems Lesnar is getting the upper hand Lesnar hits a couple of F-5's but Balor keeps kicking out Eventually we get to the point in the match where Lesnar wants to hit his numerous repeated suplexes He grabs Balor by the waist throws him over but instead Balor lands on his feet Lesnar grabs him again throws him over Balor lands on his feet again Lesnar getting noticeably upset now continues to try and hit a German suplex but everytime Balor lands on his feet Lesnar is baffled by this point he then walks over to his corner seemingly looking to ask Paul Heyman what he should do but Paul isn't there Lesnar really starts freaking out now even screams out Paul's name in frustration Balor then hits Lesnar with a brain buster setting him up for the Coup de Grâce which Balor hits and pins Lesnar for the 3 count and the victory Finn Balor is your new WWE Universal Champion Have Michael Cole say There's a new Beast in WWE! right before the PPV fades out and ends This not only puts over Finn Balor but it really puts over his Demon character proving that big things happen when Balor taps into his dark side Plus if this is Lesnar's last 'Mania then he needs to put over one of the new guys and Finn Balor could seriously benefit from this especially if he runs with the whole New Beast of WWE deal Plus it also puts over Heyman So that's cool Well that's it! Would you do it differently? Let me know what you think in the comments! CBK Meme

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