How much and what $250 Ok what's the job? My young son Andrew keeps opening his bedroom window at night even though I keep telling him not to It's full-on winter right now and he's blowing up the heating bill when he does it So if you agree I'm going to tell him that if he doesn't close the window a fat evil dwarf will climb into his window and steal all of his toys I have a ladder for you to climb up to the window and walkie talkies for us to talk When you start climbing into the window make lots of pantinggrunting sounds to wake Andrew When I hear him yell I will run into the room with a large broom and bug repellent which I will spray you with before shoving you out of the window with the broom I have purchased a very large bean bag bed from Sharper Image that we will put under the window for you to fall onto only about 15 feet 12AM would be the best time as I know Andrew will be asleep I can also provide a written reference you may add to your employment portfolio is This is real? Yes Isaac And I need results Epic parenting by kingthoth MORE MEMES Meme

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