How should I deal with wanting a relationship but having little interest in sex or women? I've wanted a relationship for a couple of years now ever since I discovered that I didn't hate humanity and not having one does cause me to become quite despondent I know I'm not asexual and I really like the Idea of having someone to talk to and hang out with but it still feels like the logical side of my brain is doing its best to brutally murder the emotional spontaneous side I had the opportunity to have sex a couple of times with very attractive women I was quite relaxed and I was keen to have sex but I genuinely could think of nothing but Isaac Newton the refraction of light and my plans to build a bb gun armed RC plane I know it might sound like I'm auditioning for the position of riamverysmart tragically misunderstood genius cockwomble of the year but in the rare times that intimacy or a relationship seem possible all that is logical and scientific in my mind seems to try to punish me for trying to just live in the moment and not try to intellectualise every damn thing Vote Comment Share Meme

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