How Stress Affecty the Body HEAD- issues with mood anger REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM depression irritability lack of energy concentration problems estradiol production leading to anxiety and panic attacks HEART- increased blood pressure fast heart beat increased risk of heart attack and JOINTS & MUSCLES- aches and stroke and higher cholesterol SKIN-skin problems like acne lowered bone density propensity psoriasis eczema dermatitis random breakouts and skin rashes STOMACH- can cause peptic effectiveness of the immune ulcer disease IBD IBS food allergies stomach cramps reflux illness Leads to high levels of nausea and weight fluctuations inflammation in the body which PANCREAS- results in elevated causes a variety of chronic health secretions of insulin which if chronic could lead to diabete damaged arteries and obesity INTESTINES- decreased nutrient absorption reduced metabolism decreased enzymatic output increased risk for inflammatory bowel diseases diabetes and more decreased testosterone and reduced fertility Dampening of sexual behavior and loss of sexual drive pains inflammation tension for osteoporosis tightness in the shoulders and back IMMUNE SYSTEM-suppressed system to battle and recover from conditions rawforbeautycom sourcelivelovefruit How stress affects the body httpamznto2nfsI4W Meme

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