Advice, Friends, and Good: HOW to BEA
 1. Be a good listener Don't interrupt Maintain
 eye contact Give supportive advice if
 2 Be honest. And keep what she says private.
 a Be loyal if you hear people talking about
 your triend stand up for her
 Be supportive
 comments that let her know that she is
 to blame
 and offer advice as well as
 5. If you have a disagreement, be assertive
 but not aggressive. Ask
 want in a hrm but respectful way without
 intentionally hurting her
 for what you
 6 Be proactive if you know someone who
 has been bulied and has no friends, reach
 out to her
 z Introduce her to your tiends
 Say nice things about her to MEA
 other people
This sign with the x still on it

This sign with the x still on it