Are you foam rolling correctly before you squat? If not, you may be wasting your time & leaving stiffness on the table that could be hindering your technique quality!😳😳 . Foam rolling has been shown in research to help improve mobility, allowing you to get into better technical positions while lifting. It also does NOT decrease your ability to produce strength & power! ✅ . The big take away: roll SLOWLY up & down the length of your muscles looking for stiff or tender areas. When you find a spot, sit in it & move into it with slow rhythmical movements. Moving fast up & down the length of the muscle doesn't lead to much change in your tissues at all! So .... go slow! _________________________________ This is a clip from episode 5 of the AskSquatU Show on my YouTube - check it out for a full 20 min review of how I warm up before squatting! _________________________________ Squat SquatUniversity Powerlifting weightlifting crossfit training wod workout gym fit fitfam fitness fitspo oly olympicweightlifting hookgrip mobility USAW physicaltherapy lifting crossfitter motivation AskSquatU squats crossfitcommunity foamroller foamroll