How to irritate Europeans with one sentence? Are you the western part of Sweden? Rape Capital of the world Where in Baltics? England is that? You're Russians right? Southern Ireland Las Malvinas son Argentinas Sinterklaas is racist This video Polish death camps is not available in your country Are you Eastern Europeans? Are you hungry American wines Are you Germans? hahaha Beautiful country are better Belgian chocolate is the best! Alpine Serbs I love Budapest Catholic Serbs Muslim Tesla is Still use a Croat Serbs the Russian alphabet? I like pasta with ketchup Southern Can you translate Serbs So you're latino? Do you speak this Arabic sentence? Macedonia Brazilian right? for Macedonians Inspired by httpswwwredditcomreuropecommentsi4k27qihow to imitate a citizen of each europea face bookcomsigmagfx How to #irritate #Europeans with one sentence? Source httpowlyVZRI3092Nn9 Meme

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