HOW TO SWEAR AROUND THE WORLD VAFFANCULO CASSE-TOI! YUMAGO! BY JASON SACHER ILLUSTRATIONS BY TOBY TRIUMPH Perha human being there happily copulates with animals in her and mean-spirited picture uld truly be reserved for moments of extreme anger take kindly to the mental images that the phrases e the most obvious globally sho We as a species do not t below conjure As you can imagine dogs ar insulting animal of choice to p have fun throwing a few more culturally specific ani consider the bears in Bulgaria and reindeer of c air with a mother but certain cultures imals in there BULGARIAN Mayka ti duha na mechki v gorata Your performs o performs oral sex upon bears in the forest DUTCH Zoon van een hoerige kameel! Son of a camel whore! With this insult it's unclear whether one is saying the mother in question was a camel that was also a prostitute or a prostitute wh serviced camels FINNISH Äitisi nai poroja! Your mother copulates with reindeer! AOTIAN Ma see mea mung! Your mother enjoys keeping intimate company with dogs! HOW TO SWEAR AROUND THE WORLD THE MOTHERLOD Fuck off uzendayo うぜーんだよ。 Motherfucker kisama 貴様。 Asshole teme てめぇー。 Leave me the fuck alone shitsukėndayo しつけ-んだよ。 I hate you daikirai 大嫌い。 Ded na What did you just say!?! nandatö なんだと !?! Get out of my way doke どけ。 Go to hell shine 死ね。 Eat shit kusokurae くそくらえ。 Shut the fuck up ussendayo うっせ-んだよ。 What the fuck? ahoka アホか?! You're worthless tsukaenė yatsu dana つかえねーやつだな。 eacefu ng Just ent My uS with a de novelty-gift-ideas How to Swear Around the World Meme

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