How to swear in Latin faex shit deodamnatus dammit cunne- cunt filius canis son of a bitch literally son of a dog' fututus et mori in igni fuck off and die in a fire futuere get fucked futue te ipsi fück you ede faecam eat shit morde meum globes bite my balls Te futueo et caballum tuum Screw you and the horse you rode in on Irrumator Bastard Leno Pimp Flocci non faccio I don't give a damn Mentula Penis Meretrix Prostitute Bovis stercus Bull shit Es stultior asino - You are dumber than an ass Es scortum obscenus vilis You are a vile perverted whore Es mundus excrementi You are a pile of shit Globos meos lambe! Lick my balls Es stercus! You shit! Moecha Putida Dirty slut Podex perfectus es You're a complete asshole Futue te ipsum! Go fuck yourself! Stercorem pro cerebro habes You have shit for brains Caput tuum in ano est You have your head up your ass Perite Fuck off! Impudens es leno You shameless pimp Vacca stulta You stupid cow Vescere bracis meis Eat my shorts Tu scronium es You are a whore Caput stercoris shithead Obesus porcus Fat pig Matris futuor Mother fucker Rome memes mini-dump Meme

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