how you literally were talking about looking for a job in this I don't appreaciate the way you area because of me and future talk to me or communicate with things we'll do together- meeting your friends family me I'm so easygoing that sometimes I let things that significant others make me feel bad slide because -insert etcthen for no reason at all two days later -you're completely done with it Seriously though-put yourself in the other persons shoes You literally twisted around everything I said days after the whatever reason here whether it's I'm having a bad day or what you said is trivial I was trying to pretend it's ok just for the sake of giving you more time But why? Communication is key to a good relationship and I dislike the way you fact and suddenly I'm the bad guy? Lol e I will never get on a dating app again It's absolutely ridiculous express yourself I also dislike the fact that you call yourself an alpha male FYI alpha males and this whole model is So yeah not going to go out of my way to get you an earring Already wasted enough time Why should I continue to be nice to you? Lol nah l'm good based on language used to describe the social hierarchies of wolf packs in a book about wolfs It doesn't apply to humans Behavioral scientists almost completely agree that such comparison is invalid and utterly wrong Just wanted you to know it's too bad you went bipolar -you could've had your earring IMessage couid've nad your earring such comparison is invalid and utterly wrong Best of lucksorry about the earringtreat people better don't act one way while giving someone a back massage and then completely change your mind for no reason two days later -l deserved better then Jan 23 2019 0534 People are alphas lol Not too bright lol Jan 23 2019 1045 It's too bad -I was excited to that see you this weekweekend again-we were just getting started Alright mr I'm super nice and easygoing thanks for asking if I want my earring back and not giving it back to me And yes I admit I'm still craving you I don't even care enough to explain to you why I changed my mind about you And even if I did your ego is too big for you to listen you don't have perspective and you think you are the smartest person in the world which by the way Maybe we should see each other -kiss and make up -we were both in the wrong I just think the potential is too great for us to ignore iMessage you are not Anyhow I'm not the one to tell you what's wrong with vou you what's wrong with you take it up with your gynecologist Jan 26 2019 1700 I was going to say I guess you don't want your earring back I would like to have it back Jan 28 2019 1314 Oh heyyy Haha I don't know what it is about you -maybe it's that you're crazy or passionate of something I don't know I stupidly want to see you Now she texts back lol If you didn't go bipolar on me you could've had it back by now Because I just want my earring back and nothing else Let's put down the gloves and clear stuff up this week I don't want to talk to you or chitchat or preferably see you If you can mail it I would be grateful So do I gotta block this number or are you gonna chill the fuck Yeah I was already nothing but nice to you -you clearly have screw loose Still can't get over how you literally were talking about looking for a job in this out? iMessage IMessage PIC COLLAGE He claimed i’m the bipolar one Meme

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