HOWTO FEND OFFA PICKUP ARTIST 1 Recognize the traits of a pickup artist Is your Does he appear to have an immediate connection with you? Is he scanning the room while talking to you? Is he calling you familiar or condescending names such as honey sweetieor babe? suitor overly charming and quick with cash? 2 not accept drinks Letting a pickup artist buy you drinks w encourage him and make him feel he is entitled to your attentions Do 3 Keep personal information to yourself o not give him your name and do not tell him where you live who you are waiting for or any other detail or insight into your personal life or plans 4Make it clear that you are not interested Be direct and forceful If he persists you may have to become rude or leave If you make it obvious that nothing is going to happen that evening he'll move on to other prospects 5 Turn away and ignore him Talk to a friend or the person sitting on the other side of you The pickup artist likes the chase most of all put a stop to the chase and he will look elsewhere 39 The Elbow Knock Turn back to glance at the pickup artist and sweep your elbow torward the glass The Time Check Turn your wrist to look at your watch and pill your drink on the pickup artist 40 cbapter I defensive dating novelty-gift-ideas The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook Dating Sex Meme

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