htf5555 2 years ago be 4 years ago >at mom's house chillin >she gives me a list of chores to do while her and my sister get groceries >tells me no ps2 until chores are done ehokayjpg >folding laundry while watching tv Switch to news >story says Local woman and daughter killed in car accident >my mom and sister have died >be 4 years later >want taste of nostalgia >open up ps2 in the disc compartment there was a note >Wiley Wiley WileyI chore you not to play your ps2 are done Well son I love you to death and I want to cut you some slack You can play your game station until I come back with hugs and kisses xoxo-Love Mom never came home never got my hugs and kisses SpongeBob what are you doing in there? Grying myeyes out Well hurry uplgotta crytoo poor guy by Benowako MORE MEMES Meme

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