httpsdocsgooglecomdocumentdTepXI U HBILDOED3cDA elnUQ6xpF ment Insert Format Tools Table Add ons Help Saving Taking notes inclass evtant at some point in our lives Informal example-picking nose manspreading sleeping at work Formal deviance violating laws Social control-what make us abide by social norms Both forrmal and informal Informal-laugh Formal social control-ticket for textingdriving Durkhem- mechanical soidarity- solidarity from collective consciousness Organic solidarity s based on interdependence Cons of this class Boring as hell Too many spaces in between facts - We literally learn two things a day Wi? I'm tired as hell because i gotta bike far to get to this place Why is the class so freakin slow? Only one person usually talks These polls work only half the time atready know this material because i took it last year but life sucks and i have to take this mess again Everyone is coughing But hey Sick days are no big deal Every time she asks a question we don't answer Why? Half the class is asleep Other half? Bored con Guess which course he is taking 👀Follow @9gag - - - 9gag school relatable Meme

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