httpssightlifesecureforcecomca tmproymmervuesuvns What is your level of experience with Adaptive Insight? Intermediate Do you have 2-4 years of experience working in an Accounting position? Yes ed in an Accounting position which followws GAAP accounting rules? None- Yes No Do you have a Bachelors degree in Accounting or a related field? I-None Have you siggned any agreement that includes any provisions that could either prohibit None Have you ever been employed with us before? None- ifyou have ever been empoyad with us before please provide dates Hoye you eyer lbeanemploysd underanother name -None-- If you have Lbeen eroployed under anotername ple-se list nagnes Please list the financial software you are familiar with What is your undlerstandingof Accounting principles? None- hativoiur lesel of experienceith Exgel? None Yesnt Meme

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