hu strator to ensure receipt of your settlement payment I YOUR COMPENSABLE WORKWEEKS Defendant's records show that during the Class Period between March 3 2013 and June 29 2018 you worked as an hourly non-exempt employee of Defendant at a Workweeks in this position are 057 YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUBMIT THIS FORM IF YOU DO NOT DISPUTE OR CONTEST THE NUMBER OF or at a studio in California which qualifies you as a Class Member and your total number of Qualifying QUALIFYING WORKWEEKS SHOWN ABOVE II YOUR ESTIMATED SETTLEMENT PAMENT Based upon the above number of Qualifying Workweeks your estimated gross settlement payment is $271 Page 1 of 2 Settlement Workweek Dispute Form tease do rnot cll the Court dir QUESTIONS? CALL THE ADMINISTRATOR TOLL FREE Please do not call the Court directly SIMID 791 AA3191118882507CC10000000DD15420373 Just found out a company I had a terrible job at last year is being sued and came to settlement This is the huge settlement payout I’ll receive and I still have a smile on my face reading it Meme

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