HUDDLE HUDDLE UP TO FOR NFL PLAY IT FORWARD In honor of the NFL's 100th season we're challengingg fans players and teams to donate 100 minutes of their time to their communities One way to help? Pick up litter to create cleaner places to play this summer! STEP 1 PICK A CLEANUP SPOT STEP 2 SETA DATE & SPREAD THE WORD Find a day when most friends are available and Challenge your friends to get active pick up litter and clean your local park beach field pick a backup date in case of rain Then spread court or other community space the word on social or hang posters around your school or work STEP 4 LOG YOUR MINUTES STEP 3 CLEAN IT UP Tweet a photo of you volunteering with #NFLHuddlefor100 and #Sweepstakes to log Bring garbage bags recycling bags and gloves then get to work picking up cans bottles ciga- rette butts paper and wrappers It's time to your minutes and be entered for a chance to create a cleaner place to play! win your prizes! Help shape the future of your community by cleaning up your local park! To make your time count towards the NFL’s year-long goal of 100 million minutes volunteered take a picvid of yourself volunteering and share it using #NFLHuddlefor100 httpstco2E0yBJ1bK4 Meme

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