humansarespaceorcs Ejen-queen-of-midget-gems tumblr Follow galaxa-13 You know what I want more of? Variety in aliens No I don't mean more designs for alien species I mean variety within a species They always seem to have the same government the same culture the same religion the same language Come on humans don't work that way! Say there's a Qualar over there What are they saying? No idea What? That's a Kinzian Qualar I'm a Surolian Qualar You'd have just as much luck understanding them as I would You're lucky I even speak Human Human isn't a language What? praise-the-lord-im-dead Carl we've been speaking Russian There's also Arabic French English-about a thousand others- HOW DO YOU HAVE SO MANY LANGUAGES YOUR PLANET IS TINY allthedragonagenamesaretaken My favorite part about this is that the alien is named Carl Sourcegalaxa-13 Meme

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