Husband saves wife's life by donating kidney after spending a year dieting and exercising to get his blood pressure low enough for surgery theblaquelioness hel In 2014 PJ Spraggins found out that he was a perfect kidney match for his wife Tracy who battled with Lupus since she was 3 after they were told she would die if she didn't get a kidney transplant soon The waiting list was seven years long so him being a match was perfect However the next day when they went for testing his blood pressure was too high for them to operate on him So what did he do? Spent the next year losing 70 pounds eating right and getting healthy When he went back for testing he was able to go through with the procedure and donate his kidney to his wife He said To know that I did everything I could to give my wife a better quality of life is just the best feeling I am so happy Together they lost 145lbs in one year @pjspraggins @tdspragginsphoto1 theblaquelioness Meme

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