I agree His abortion views are a problem But at the end of the day considering how much good is policies would bring compared to Reaganesque policies he is the lesser evil Keep mind that no one really has a late term abortion while people dying via the greed of insurance companies and Big Pharma is real Give Award Share Report Save His views are very utopist He is clearly a Marxist He speaks about our old world that is crooked and promises a new one where everything will be better through a radical change aka a revolution Revolutions have always been a failure -French Revolution with a genocide of Vendée and more deaths in 5 years of terror than in the whole 300 years of inquisition Read Edmund Burke about that he did a beautiful philosophical work -Russian revolution with more than 40 millions deaths Read Soljenitsyne and Vaclav Havel-Chinese revolution and millions of deaths plus the Taiwan or HK situation -Venezuela socialist failure recently Give Award Share Report Save A whole bingo from a thread about Sanders and abortions on a catholic sub Meme

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