I-am-a-fish -am-a-fish gays lend me your strength shall give you mry sou and you will be the most powerful gay to ever gay thank you so much lesbians lend me your strength lgive you my heart so you can have the power of all the lesbians and be even more gay than before am forever in your debt aces land me your strength Igive you my essence so that why you possess the power of gay as well as having not just one but many aces of power up your sleeve awe you my life transgender and nonbinary folks lend me your strength sharkbytes i give you my tiddies because i dont fuckoign want them i-am-a-fish I could never thank you enough bi and pan peeps lend me your strength Gun I am etemally grateful now all remaining LGBT+ members please collectively lend me your strength You have our combined strengths and pow ers Ascend as a God for there can no longer be forces against us We are billions as one Ham-3-fish truly thank you all from the bottom of my heart thank you now Sourc*їarn@fssh wpen' pew It Had To Be Done Meme

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