I am gonna get real here for a minute This video may be hard for some to watch These are our ten new bottle babies They are scared hungry and confused They are barely three weeks old if that They came from a stray mama dog that belonged to nobody in the bootheel of Missouri Did she at one time belong to someone probably Was she dumped probably? Now she becomes someone else's problem because her person failed her These dumped dogs get shot by people attacked by wildlife starve to death and run over This mama was working hard to feed TEN PUPPIES! So hard that she was hit and killed the day before yesterday probably looking for food A guy nearby collected the puppies and brought them to the shelter the next day he is the good guy Now there are TEN puppies no mom terrified they are not sure how to navigate a bottle but too young for mush They don't even have teeth When you don't spay and neuter or you push your unwanted responsibility off into the unknown this is the result These babies could have been hidden or remote enough that nobody found them we can't even think of that outcome We are happy these ten were found and are now safe to learn everything in their crash course of love safety and unending bottles of formula Welcome to the Mission screamers! Love Mac Meme

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