thehouseholdcat: sarahreesbrennan: PETER JACKSON: Dear Sir Ian, here’s my script of THE HOBBIT. Please come be Gandalf! SIR IAN MCKELLAN: Nah. PETER JACKSON: Dear Sir Ian, holy God, the success of these movies rests on your celebrated and award-winning silvery head. Please, please, please be Gandalf! Here’s my revised script, subtitled WIZARDS RULE, DWARVES DROOL, PS YOU’RE HOTTER THAN MICHAEL FASSBENDER. SIR IAN MCKELLAN: … I will consider this. … I may have written you guys a little somethin’ somethin’. Click on Gandalf for more… “SCRIPTWRITERS: Story of how a forest gets infested with giant spiders and goes evil. PETER JACKSON: Can borrow Forbidden Forest set, check!” XD