i applaud people who have been through hell but are still kind & loving towards other humans i hope the universe rewards you with happiness Its easy to spread negativity or hate when that's the only thing you've been exposed too But spreading love when you've been hurt or while you're hurting is real strength People like to claim the world is a horrible place but in reality we all make up this world We all exist and co-create reality together every second of our lives For example if you're having a bad day and you choose to go on with that mentality for the rest of the day you will in turn share that energy with every person you come across As a result you will attract more negative situations towards yourself So next time you're having a bad day choose to stay positive and do something positive for someone else Many people claim how horrible the world is but we are all responsible for shaping this world If you want to see kinder people in the world then be one PayItForward SeekTheTruth Meme

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