I can do it myself Mannnnnn listen I am so sorry that so many of y’all are having a crappy Christmas I received an avalanche of texts and DMs from wonderful people who have families that are wilding out on them and I love y’all and feel for y’all If the smash brand ever launch for real rather than having a music festival like chance or Wayne or j Cole imma host a “Un-Christmas” on December 25 so that we can all gather together and share laughs and good times and we will raise money for a good charity and create fun Christmas memories for all of y’all who get cheated out of a wonderful Christmas year after year May God bless all of you I love y’all bless up and keep ya head up and let’s all just get to New Years and we can see Carson Daly non aging in the face “I remember you from mtv when you introduced green day videos” in the face lookin a$$ drop the ball in time square 🎊 eskettit! You can do it! Bless up ❤️ Meme

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