I CANT BREATHE AT&T 202 PM @ 38%- o AT&T 203 PM @ 38% 2 Trisha Trisha stop and all of a sudden on the last stroke while his fingers leaving my hair my wig came off too!!! BITCH PLEASE COME PICK ME UP Where are you at? What happened? omg So tell me why I'm watching a movie with the cute ass white boy from my chem class I'm laying down next to him and all of a sudden this nigga start stroking my hair So I move away a little so he'll stop and this nigga inch closer and starts running his fingers through my hair againI'm bout ready to beat this nigga ass cause I'm wearing a wig and I ain't tighten it this morning cause I was late for class Im getting ready to tell him to stop and all of a sudden on Now this nigga lost for words with my wig dangling off his fingers like a damn accessory frozen and staring at me for like 37 seconds bitch I counted All of a sudden he's like I'm so sorry I won't tell anyone Do you want to talk about it? Nigga give me back my wiggg now we sitting here in silence the movie over this nigga face red as shit and we ain't do any chem hw I'm bout to fail the class smh I ain't even bother to put mv wia back Lmaooooo Meme

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