I- Cheekysascha6 points 2 years ago I know it's not really fair to say but be happy 8 people showed up that's 8 different people who care about you and wanted to spend your birthday with you The past 11 years I haven't gotten to celebrate my birthday with a single person My last birthday with friends was on my 7th birthday ever since then I've either been completely alone on my birthday or with my family I haven't gotten a happy birthday from anyone besides my parents for almost my entire life so just appreciate what you have it might not be a lot but it's better then nothing permalink embed save give gold - thistornadolovesu 6 points 2 years ago When's your birthday? permalink embed save parent give gold - Cheekysascha5 points 2 years ago November 21st why? permalink embed save parent give gold -1 thistornadolovesu 5 points 2 years ago I'll be sure to wish you a happy birthday then permalink embed save parent give gold I- Cheekysascha4 points 2 years ago Awww thanks that's seriously really kind of you! permalink embed save parent give gold % - deleted 2 points 1 year ago Hi Happy birthday! permalink embed save parent - Cheekysascha2 points 1 year ago Thank you so much I just got the biggest smile in the world seeing this in my inbox! permalink embed save parent give gold <p>Wholesome redditor keeping their promise! via rwholesomememes <a href=httpifttt2u15twL>httpifttt2u15twL<a><p> Meme

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