I dig this for a couple of reasons First it's got great style Perhaps more interestingly though is that it's a very different tone as far as the direction of aggression Most people know the Clash of the Titans version where she's on the hunt for him once he shows up But let's face it Medusa really gets the shaft from destiny overal She starts out as a priestess in a temple who gets raped by Poseidon and gets cursed for it as if it was all her fault The result is that she's basically doomed to live without human contact for eternity Then she's hunted down specifically for her head by a demigod whose got all sorts of great toys and backing to get the job done and depicted as some sort of horrible monster for defending her turf from folks out to kill her There are some really interesting theories about regarding just what the whole 'gorgon thing was really about from a historical perspective It's really quite a tragic tale about the rise of patriarchy and the purge of goddess-centric worshipers There are also parallels to the Apollo versus Typhon story which is part of the same0 era Harsh See even the demystified stories from ancient times are fascinating! deviantart Medusa by MattRhodes Reblogging for commentary I wish there were more nuanced portrayals of Medusa than as just a scary snake lady Not to mention all this shit went down while she was pregnant with twins the Pegasus and the giant Chrysaor as a result from the rape Perseus would mount Pegasus and use him and Medusa's head to kill a sea monster thus winning him a wife Andromeda Medusa was cursed by the very goddess she served Athena who also gave Perseus the mirrored shield he used to slay her Raped betrayed by her god hunted down like a beast in her own home while she was pregnant her own children stolen from her and used to glorify and aide her killers and betrayers And she's supposed to be the monster? ei That's hoW Greek men saw the myth Greek women viewed it as Athena protecting Medusa by giving her the power to make any man who looked at her completely harmless Her head was used as a symbol to mark women's shelters in ancient Greece 。 Friendly reminder to remember that women have their own vivid lives and cultures and that the stories which are preserved today come through a heavy filter of gender race and class biases VIA THEMETAPICTURECOM srsfunnyI Dig This For A Couple Of Reasons Meme

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