I don't know what he's doing I just told him to FLOSS! Peter Griffin here and boy oh boy is THIS ONE a doozy! ILOLed that's an acronym the young people of today use and it means laugh out loud in case you didn't know out loud so hard I almost spat my beer out all over my computer and ruined it! Boy would THAT ever be un-epic! Without my computer how would I ever be able to look at these hilarious maymays and explain them for all of you? Not to mention I'd no longer be able to watch the latest compilations of Ben Shapiro DESTROYing l*btards epically Explaining me-mes and watching leftists get epically pwned are the only two things Ireally love in life anymore and ifI were to lose both at the same time I honestly don't know what I'd do Probably be so overcome with grief at my life losing all meaning that I'd be unable to continue living my now-pointless life and put a gun in my mouth Wow Ireally went off track there didn't I? Anyway this is so epically hilarious because it features a young person probably no older than fifteen at the dentist's office But here's the kicker he's not in the dentist chair or anything! No instead he's up and about swinging his arms around and moving his hips! In the foreground we have a woman wearing a surgical mask whom we can reasonably assume is the dentist She observes the young man confusedly and proclaims I don't know what he's doing Ijust told him to FLOSS! See the dentist is presumably referring to the act of rubbing a thin string between one's teeth to remove excess plaque That's the historical definition of the word floss which has been commercially available since 1882 Our young friend however seems to have other ideas See more recently floss has come to refer to a dance move in the popular online game Fortnite The dance is characterized by a lot of fast arms and hip swings as though using a giant invisible piece of floss which is where the name comes from Additionally the child is drawn to resemble one Russell Horning popularly known as Backpack Kid who helped popularize the dance With this information in mind it can be inferred that the dentist is advising the boy to keep his teeth clean by flossing but since he's such a gamer he instead believes that she is telling him to do the Fortnite dance Now THAT is epic! I tried playing Fortnite myself a few times but couldn't really get into it There's too many Meme

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