i F170 3 3 DM 64F DM Imma go before I threaten you OCT 24 2018 AT 551 PM Нey Lol have a nice day You can now call each other and see information like Active Status and when you've read messages Holy fuck you have a kid?!?!? Do you neglect him too??? That's fucking horrible!!! I hope he doesn't turn out like you but I mean yea you don't know me and none of these assholes around here do! You can't jut assume stuff and reject me I'm not about to me single the rest of my life Someone will have to give me a chance Thought you would but your just like all of these horible fucking people Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how good of a person you are then hmu with what you fucking see No OCT 26 2018 AT 629 PM Your loss Vou're literally a joke in the entire city of THU AT 313 PM Pathetic tbh I mean you don't even know me and I'm trying to get to know you cause I have really bad social anxiety and maybe even aspergers I mean women these days are fucked upI'm sure you'll give other guys a chance though and not me Doesn't phase me anymore I'm the better man Doing what you just did to me is how not to act and how not to make a guy like you Hi 148 PM Is there a day you might be free for a date if I'm not to far away? I live in Sioux falls but i can't ever drive cause of my epilepsy and heart problem though sadly Sorry that im straight forward lol Imma go before I threaten you Lol have a nice day Aa Aa This guy has had his screenshots posted more times than I can count he does this to a ton of girls where I live Meme

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