i focking hate white people tumblr eminist cis people fucki isgost me tumble minist and kill all wen tumblr eminis+ so thats uby theyOH GOD sau Reminists are FeMINISM MEANS man hating waniacs EQUALITY FOR EVERY ONE Po O GoT IT tunlolr minist tehrogue themostspecialofsnowflakes aerial-slam your-uncle-dave chughes1825 1minhomo1 thebodyvolcanic tumblr radicals are so fucking detrimental to actual feminism honestly I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MY WHOLE LIFE …don’t hate me for reblogging this… There is no lie here And if anyone hates you for reblogging this it just means it’s right I AM SCREAMING THANK YOU This is not feminism If you think that hating whites cis and men is an accurate description of feminism then you can unfollow me right away If you call yourself a feminist while shitting on any of the above you can also unfollow me Feminism is equal rights for everyone This covers men cis genders and white people MEN ARE NOT THE PROBLEM MISOGYNISTSRAPISTS ARE WHITE PEOPLE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM RACISTS ARE CISGENDERS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM TRANSPHOBICS ARE STRAIGHT PEOPLE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM LGBTQ+ HATERS ARE And keep in mind that you can be a woman and be misogynistic You can be a POC and be racist You can be not cis and be transphobic And can be LGBTQ+ and be homophobicbiphobicace-phobicetc ImA loose some followers for sharing this Oh well Meme

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