I forgot my password starter pack x MUST contain at least 8 characters 12+ recommended x MUST contain at least one uppercase letter × MUST contain at least one lowercase letter X MUST contain at least one number X MUST contain at least one special character !#$%BY+-K->?@Nn_I- MAY NOT contain more than two identical characters in a roww Your password may be any combination of 6 to 10 letters and numbers e It is case sensitve It can't contain special characters ?&%$#@+ - etc e It cant contain your user name It cantcontain two separated numbers ie Abc12e134 would be invalid e It cantcontain Nelnet or Password MAY NOT contain first name last name email address mailbox or domain company name or commonly used passwor V MAY NOT match commonly used password character patterns 5 remaining rules need to be met create a very strong password for me 8 characters Your password must contain ords must match x 8 characters V1 lowercase 1 uppercase v 1 digit x 1 special character lowing character sets are met upper case letter ower case letter umber pecial character ! #-$' %' ^*G-→= + “I forgot my password” starter pack Meme

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