I have a shark tracker app on my phone And I've noticed all the Sharks stay in the same place for most of the time But dam Pablo is on a mission DOMINTCAN REPUBLIC HONDURAS NICARAGUA Carac PANAMA VENEZUEL COLOMBIA ECUADOR PERU Lima BOLIVI CHILE ARGENT Some shark shit must have gone down in chile and he headed the fuck out What is my life it's 2am and I'm going off about sharks Lmao a shark tracker omg They tag sharks and when they come to the surface it sends a GPS signal Photos Videos Where Have I Been? Name Pablo Species Mako Shark Gender Male Stage of Life Immature Length 525 ft Weight Tag Date Damn Pablo is just a little mako but those little shits are hella fast they're like LIGHTNING sharks Sry I just really like sharks He's immature o love it I'm dyin this is what my life has come down to Delivered iMessage batwynn impactings impactings Jessie after dark update i have concerns about where katherine is going I’m a little more concerned about Roland at the moment Meme

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