I have been an obgyn for almost 17 years And I would like to invite you to come into my exam room just for a moment to listen to the stories I have heard from women Listen carefully to what is said to me behind closed doors And then get the f*ck out you and your decisions about her life don’t belong there I can’t afford to feed my children I have now I fear for my life I went into heart failure with my last pregnancy My tubes were tied I never intended to have more kids I’m starting grad school in a week I had an affair and made a mistake and I don’t want to break up my family I am alone I had a one night stand and don’t know who the father is I was raped I am 13 years old I’m 48 years old I have breast cancer and am getting chemotherapy My uterus ruptured during my last pregnancy My diabetes is completely uncontrolled This pregnancy put me in kidney failure I have malignant melanoma My baby has multiple anomalies I’m worried I will kill myself if I keep this pregnancy I don’t want a baby right now I don’t want to be pregnant Here’s the thing Even with all those statements the truth is it should not matter You don’t need a reason other than this is your choice My body My choice And if I get sent to prison for 99 years for taking care of my patient during such a personal and difficult decision we have gone too far! #stayoutofmyexamroom #everyoneshouldhavethechoiceandaccess #isupportplannedparenthood #plannedparenthood Meme

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