I have been fighting Rodrick for SIX HOURS his fight is the hardest I have EVER done I only have to defeat him to end the fight but If I try to attack him all of Loded Diper tries to attack me at ave to take them out ohe at a time oh ahd 1Lm on a time once SO ule #1 is take out the guitarist first and then deal with the two backup members that appear in his place Work on getting rid of themy abovt halfway through the song Rodrick turns on Bill-and knocks hirn off the staqe leavinq jvst the two of us age teaVihg jus Now entering Rodrick Heffley B Greg Heffley Youd think it would be easy then right? WRONG Rodrick hits like a truck so tar in every matc run out of time Not only that but I only qet to that phase about a uarter of the time One more try and Im qjVina up for the da h I either get knocked off by his punch or Greg Heffley Joins Smash part 21 Meme

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