I have to laugh at all the people who say essential oils aren't beneficial to health 2 years ago my friend's aunt was going through chemo for breast cancer and the doctors said she had only months to live I wouldn't accept his diagnosis and after using my own research I came to the hospital and explained to the doctors what I had found They allowed me to put drops of eucalyptus and lavender oil into the chemo drip and the literal next dayl got a phone call from the hospital telling me the tumor had shrunk nearly all the way away and that her cancer wasn't terminal anymore they said it was directly caused by the oils I administered My friend's aunt and I hang out to this very day and brags to all her friends about how I saved her life I dunno about you fellas but I reckon to borrow a phrase from your favourite admin Jordanna a dildo up my hole uwu daddy cummies' would probably work better as a cure for cancerous tumours than eucalyptus lavender oils from an MLM snake oil seller Meme

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