I@HORRORSGRAM This creepypasta trom reddit is by tar the shortest story on this list and the structure is the simplest A man describes how his nights have boiled down to a paranoid routine He makes absolutely sure that he closes all the exits and activates the security system He also thoroughly checks his closet with a flashlight to see if there's anything inside0f course there's nothing in there but clothes There's never anything out of the ordinary in there with no reason there should be Yet at night the door to the closet opens the floorboards creak and the man feels the breath of something on his neck Oh wow that's scary Credit tagged ________________________________ HASHTAGS BELOW IGNORE _________________________________ scary creepy gore horrormovie blood horrorfan love horrorjunkie ahs twd horror supernatural horroraddict makeup murder spooky terror creepypasta evil metal bloody follow paranormal ghost haunted me serialkiller like4like deepweb Meme

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