i just had the funniest experience in vr chat i joined a random server and the one i joined had Japanese people so i waddled around in my goofy club penguin avatar that i have saved after a while a guy walks up to me and clones my avatar so were both penguins then another guy shows up and clone my avatar OLF BINU 1 1 4F now keep in mind there only speaking Japanese i don't know what they are saying then another guy joins in so i got a group of three penguin friends we just waddle around and goof about the one of them tries to talk to me but not only do i not have a mic i also don't speak Japanese they figure out i don't speak Japanese and start listing various places they get the part of being European right and after listing a lot of places they ask if im from the UK and when i nod they all just start cheering after hanging out for a while one of them gets real close to me and whispers A59 1114F penguin brothers forever 卩乇几Ꮆㄩ丨几 乃尺ㄖㄒ卄乇尺丂 千ㄖ尺乇ᐯ乇尺 Meme

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