I know that proportions are a bit different in the 2nd picture it's because it was taken on an lPad but the lphone version looked pretty much the same The queue is more comfortable to use when it's in the upper right corner than in the bottom corner This is useless It has the same options that you see belo pretty much The queue used to be here ODTWARZANIE Z ALBUMU Dead Reflection Dead Reflection Last Looks Why isn't the title centered like in the old version? Silverstein Looks way more aesthetic like this Last Looks Silverstein 230 024 230 023 d PAD MAKS There doesn't need to be so much empty space in this section It looked way better in the old version imo The device thingy is centered JBL T110B again making it look more aesthetic For some reason Spotify keeps changing the design even though the old one worked perfectly and looked way better The new Spotify design side by side comparison Meme

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