I leave the the gym around midnight and on my way home I stop at a light during this time a little Honda Civic plls up next to me andI hear a couple arguing They go quiet and I hear the guy trying to get my attention I ignore as I am tired from the gym The driverwhich is the guy revs his engine and I assume wants to racel drive a muscle car I again ignore since it happens all the time and it's annoying Then the woman starts yelling at the guy you always f*ing do this why cant we have a fking simple night out the guy responds with Shut up I do what I want when I want so you just sit there and keep your mouth shut at this point I'm annoyed I'm just trying to get home shower and sleep not being involved in someone's relationship troubles However it so happens that the street we are on always has a cop hiding behind a sign every weekend due to street racing So I rev once and at that moment I hear the girl say moth- you know what?! If doing this means so much to your tiny d**k ass if he wins I'm going home with him the light turns green and he takes off and I go normally and right on time the cop pulls out and pulls him over and I pass by laughing I felt alittle bad since I knew that was gonna happen and it wasn't gonna make their relationship any better butit does give me a good story to tell now Muscle car gym Chad outwits a girlfriend abusing tiny dick Honda Civic Chad Meme

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