I literally had to show ID to post on here roast me Removed PhotoshoppedEd ited aikokw 29 days ago roastme ireddit upvoted 86% 165k points 1561 comments Skitaraoh 2551 points 29 days ago* 5 10 2 There's a certain niche of rroastme posters that all fall into the same category those who weren't cursed with some hideous amalgamation of grotesque features but rather actually look like functioning members of modern society For them the roasts can't be skin deep You need to look inward Look into those unremarkable brown eyes and into that learned forced smile done just right so the corners of her eyes peek up so it looks like she's genuinely happy That's where this niche of rroastme posters have flaw It's the practiced smile learned over years to cope with what they're missing in life A neglectful father who drinks to cope with his wife and daughter An abusive boyfriend who just needs one more chance' A circle of fake friends who criticize every decision you make Maybe it's simpler you're not able to get the likes that you want on Instagram nobody you want to talk to hits you up on Snapchat not enough people retweet your tweets So you come like many others to r roastme in hopes of someone giving you the validation you've never been able to find in life And that's where the flaw lies You're never going to be good enough And no number of compliments from strangers on the internet will ever change that fact JESUS CHRIST Meme

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